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Palestine - Joe Sacco Joe Sacco delivers a scathing piece of comic-journalism with [b:Palestine|769712|Palestine|Joe Sacco|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327884409s/769712.jpg|755771]. The Arab side of the story is fully ignored by the Western media since, well, the beginning of the conflict.

The treatment inflicted upon the Arab refugees is horrendous, but the Western media is never going to acknowledge it. They come and kick you out of your home. There are almost no Arab youngsters above 16 years of age who have not received a jail term. The soldiers can hold you up for 6 months. Without reason. And that term could be extended again for 6 months. And again. The interrogation techniques remind you of NKVD and KGB. The uncaring attitude of the soldiers towards the dying reminds you of the SS and SD. There are dozens of stories here and all of them are without fail, heart-wrenching.

This is a very important piece of journalism which is not to be missed especially if you are a neutral like me who has no connection whatsoever with either side in the Palestine-Israel conflict.