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Tim Tzouliadis
Outpost - Adam Baker Good premise and well executed. This is a good book in PA-Zombie fiction category and is worthy of more attention. On an off-shore refinery platform in the Arctic, the crew is isolated from rest of the world when the apocalypse occurs. This book reads more as a movie script and keeps you turning pages in order to know what happens next.

Yes characters are not as well developed as books from other genre but you have to accept the fact that the aim of this genre is different than others. To put it simply, its main objective is pure enjoyment. If you want to read about more fleshed out characters, go read something from a Nobel laureate of literature.

Now back to this particular book. I really liked how the story arc of some characters, like Rye in particular was developed. And the main male character in the book is an Indian (Rajesh Ghosh aka Ghost) – Sikh to be exact. Our main protagonist, Jane Blanc, is a female who, thankfully for a change, is not a slim and trim beauty with brains but fat and unskilled. Her character develops well as the book progresses.

The end could have been done better but that is just a minor hiccup for otherwise a good work of PA Zombie fiction.

3.5 stars.