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The Terror - Dan Simmons *Review update below the old one*

0 Stars. 2 Stars only for vividly depicting the adversities encountered frequently on such expeditions by the explorers in that era.

One thing I couldn't understand is, why would you add a horror element in a book which describes the fate of real historical characters? I feel that Dan Simmons would have converted this into a very good novel of 'something like this might have happened to them' (Fictionalized account, to be exact)if he would have stuck only to the 'real' perils that lurked in abundance in the Arctics.

The last few pages were horrible. I almost slept while reading them at 8:00 pm in the evening. And Mr. Simmons, please hire a decent editor.

P.S. - At least the book is aptly named - The horrible writing and needless mythological mumbo-jumbo is guaranteed to Strike 'TERROR OF BEING BORED TO DEATH' in your heart and would dare you to read next Dan Simmons right away (Even his award winning previous books).

P.P.S. - I didn't read anything for the next 2 days. Recuperated.

*Update after a year*

Hell! This book has stayed with me for a year now! As sea stories are one of my favorites, whenever I thought about reading a book related to sea adventures, I invariably thought about this one.

So I guess although I disliked the horror bit in "The Terror", I can't help but admit that I liked the rest very much.

So, from 2 stars this book goes to 4 stars.

1 star still cinched for that needless horror element.