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Leon Uris
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Lois McMaster Bujold
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Laurence Bergreen
The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad
Harrison E. Salisbury
The Forsaken: From The Great Depression To The Gulags: Hope And Betrayal In Stalin's Russia
Tim Tzouliadis
Darwinia - Robert Charles Wilson Regrettably, this book had so much potential but which was never fully exploited, for me at least. The alternative Europe setting promised much excitement and suspense. But that world was never fully realized. I really wanted to know more about "Darwinia" but in retrospect it seems that Robert Charles Wilson never really considered that to be the driving point of his book.

The characters were 2-dimensional and too many were killed-off nonchalantly to keep me interested in the plot.

Robert Charles Wilson could have written this book even without any major alternative historical settings which, happily, would have stopped me from getting lured into reading this mediocre "science-thriller".

A disappointing experience.

2.40 stars